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This site was developed by Bob Buick for his family enabling them the opportunity to project their personal pages and comments as they feel the desire to do so.


Bob had two pages on the internet in 2001, the first related to his service in Vietnam, the second  again a military oriented page about Honours, Awards and Service medals that related to Australian's military service during the period 1939 to 2000.


Because these pages were on separate sites and with the frequency that service providers changed hands or went 'belly up' during the previous year or two he acquired his own domain. 


The Buick family trust that you enjoy browsing these pages.

 Updated November 2009 DSN



Left to Right - Front to Rear

Georgia and Daniel

Alana - Beverley - Tracey

Bob -  Robert - Liam (looking away) - Scott




 Vietnam Page

We did not lose the Vietnam War


Military Medals 1939-2000

Discussion paper to changing how  Australia could be governed


Our Flag why change it.


Poor Fella my Country


Time Zones and Daylight Saving for Queensland